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  1. Uwe Wirtz says:

    I was wondering whether you could point me to articles describing not only the different characters but describe/suggest therapy for the different Reich / Lowen character types; in particular the oral character.
    Thank you

    • mjsamsel says:

      Lowen’s book Depression and the Body is centered around oral issues. Also Stephen M Johnson’s book Characterological Transformation is half about the oral character and approaches the work from many practical angles. With body work, important areas are breathing (work with the stool) grounding and core strengthening. I recommend true studio Pilates if one can afford it

  2. Chris Gilbert says:

    Michael –
    Really good writing you’ve done on your ‘Reich and Lowen therapy’ blog. All your explanations about the physiology and chemistry of breathing are correct as far as I can tell, which is a rarity for web writing about breathing. You present a balanced, rational view of breathing as a therapeutic tool, plus good historical information.

    I’m preparing for an 8-hour webinar class next weekend and wanted to refresh my knowledge of the Reich-Lowen work. I’ll refer the students to your site as a reliable source of information about the topic.
    (if you’re interested, the Graduate School of Breathing Sciences is at; I’ve written some chapters and articles on hyperventilation and co-edited books on breathing lore). When things slow down for me I might ask for your guidance on further exploration of the use of breathwork in Bioenergetics.

    • mjsamsel says:

      Thank you Chris. I am sorry for the delay in acknowledging your comment, it initially got flagged as possible spam for some reason. Your program looks like quite a resource.

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