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Posts about the effects of family relations and child-rearing practices on the health of a person

Portlandia is a State of Character

The psychotherapist¬†Theodore Rubin made the point that our culture (at least our more urban, liberal culture) tends to torture people with the simultaneous incompatible directives of equality and attainment. The result is a lot of exhausting, unsatisfying, indirect behavior. A … Continue reading

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The Mass Individual

Wilhelm Reich described the ‘Mass Individual’ that he felt was evolving a result of modern trends in culture. Overall, his tone is rather dismissing, which I think is unfortunate, because the core idea, a useful one, can easily be dismissed … Continue reading

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The Basic Oral Reenactment

There is a basic obstacle in psychotherapy and the healing professions that is so common that it may ¬†not be recognized as an ¬†element maintaining the suffering. The obstacle presents itself when as an adult, the suffering person is encouraged … Continue reading

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The Exciting Object Loop

Alexander Lowen worked at the drive end of things more so than the object relations end of things. However, he did emphasize the role of illusion in suffering. Perhaps the most common illusion is the illusion that real love has … Continue reading

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