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The Tyranny of “Just Doing Something”

As I’ve written before, I work in an academic medical center. I am always impressed with the following contradiction: Although effort is made to follow the dictates of evidence, the evidential conclusion that there is nothing effective to be done … Continue reading

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Stages of Happiness

Psychotherapy is conceived around the achievement of happiness, but overwhelmingly it is the study of suffering, which alas, is a compelling subject with tremendous gravitational pull. Some social psychologists however, like Daniel Kahneman, have been able to keep focus on … Continue reading

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Defining Factors

I have been reading about how research into the effectiveness of therapy is done. To compare one type of therapy with another  it is necessary to make explicit the factors that define that approach. This is different from philosophical tenets–defining … Continue reading

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Western Medicine Treats the Mind, Not the Body

Allopathic medicine seems to be driven by two mechanisms: 1) patient complaints, 2) producing the longest possible lifespan. There is no governing idea or criteria of health (except maybe “not dead”, which is discussed below.) In the first driver, allopathic … Continue reading

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Wolpe was a Lowenian

Well perhaps the title to this post is an exaggeration, but there is a similarity in the basic approach.  Generally “the behaviorists” are thought to be in an opposite camp from Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen. If one makes a distinction between cognitive … Continue reading

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Two Types of Criticism

Alexander Lowen and Wilhelm Reich both left a mixed reputation when it comes to accepting criticism. Now it is not uncommon in everyday life to deal with people who have difficulty with criticism. But this tends to co-exist with very … Continue reading

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I am disinclined to invent a lot of jargon. However, when it comes to bodywork,  there is a phenomenon that  has not had a word to decribe it. That is the overall unfamiliarity with the body from the inside, including … Continue reading

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Portlandia is a State of Character

The psychotherapist Theodore Rubin made the point that our culture (at least our more urban, liberal culture) tends to torture people with the simultaneous incompatible directives of equality and attainment. The result is a lot of exhausting, unsatisfying, indirect behavior. A … Continue reading

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The Mass Individual

Wilhelm Reich described the ‘Mass Individual’ that he felt was evolving a result of modern trends in culture. Overall, his tone is rather dismissing, which I think is unfortunate, because the core idea, a useful one, can easily be dismissed … Continue reading

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