This blog is intended to be an addition to the website reichandlowentherapy.org My attempt in the main site is provide a description and modern context for the ideas of Reich and Lowen for non-therapists and therapists alike. I hope the blog will be a flexible forum for discussions that are more topical to world events, initiated by others, shorter, more controversial, more therapy-oriented, or more tentative, There is very little internet discussion these days about down-to-earth, well-grounded experiential or body based therapies, and hopefully, this can be changed.

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  1. jangali says:

    So excited to find your blog, indeed the only one I am aware of on the subject (other than mine LOL). Will be following with great interest.

    • Chuck Lustfield says:

      I’m the Coordinating Trainer for the Dallas Society for Bioenergetic Analysis and a member of the faculty for the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis. A client referred me to your site. Glad to see it. If you don’t mind telling me, Michael, are you trained as a Reichian or Bioenergetic Therapist?
      Where are you located. What is your connection to this work?
      Please get back to me.
      Chuck Lustfield

  2. mjsamsel says:

    Chuck I have sent you an email. I appreciate your interest and welcome collaboration.

    Michael Samsel

  3. PhyllIs Francis-Parker says:

    Thank you…thank you…thank you. I am a client working with a superb
    bioenergetic therapist and am so grateful for the work. I can’t believe
    Reich and Lowen’s work goes so unrecognized. What Reich came upon
    reminds me of Poe’s purloined letter which was hidden by being in
    full view. Keep this site ALIVE; perhaps the talk about its and the
    pharmaceudicals will benefit from your straight forward summaries
    and the good old common sense. As I told my therapist the other day
    when mentioning Jung, Freud, other approaches, I think it best to
    stick to the BODY of evidence. Sincerely, a grateful client.

    • mjsamsel says:

      Phyllis, I am glad you have found benefit in bioenergetics and glad that this site might contribute to that benefit for you and others. I am most definitely keeping it alive, it is a continual work in progress, I tend to go in spurts, and shift back and forth between working on the static portion and working on the blog.

      Michael Samsel

  4. Peter Hall says:

    Thank you for creating this informative site. The number of therapists and professional people with qualifications in psychology and psychiatry I have come across who have never heard of Reich continues to astound me. Does he feature in any higher education syllabus any more I wonder? It is also interesting to note that most contemporary somatic psychotherapists who are aware of Reich, and most are, tend to relegate his theories and practice to a footnote in the history of holistic therapies. The term ‘grossly inadequate’ was appended to his developed therapeutic work on one somatic psychotherapy website. How easy it would seem to be in the intellectual hothouse, to neglect the soundest of foundations in the name of progress or for the sake of convenience. Reich appreciated that fact better than many of us ever will. Your site is helping keep the flame alive. We will get ourselves out of ‘the trap’ yet.

    • mjsamsel says:

      Peter thank you for your comments. I think Reich has been deliberately excluded by both the humanists and the authoritarians, by both liberals and conservatives, because he violated the greatest taboo, going below the neck! Lowen had constant pressure from his followers to be sweeter and talk about love and attachment more. Now Buddhism has been incorporated into most masters programs because it is (seemingly) compatible with being well behaved.

      Michael Samsel

  5. Boris Stankovi? says:

    Dear Michael,
    your website in very usefull to me. I am from Croatia,that is in Europe, and we dont have any school that teaches dr. Lowen therapy tradition,so I dont have any possibility to get formal education in this field. I learn alone through reading dr.Lowen books and your website. I cant afford to go and study abroad. Are you maybe familiar if one can get scholarship from International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis to strudy in some country?

    Boris Stankovi?

  6. Boris Stankovic says:

    I just found out that there will be probably a Bioenergetic school opening next year.
    Where can I get more information on pleasure principal? What books where resources for the part of your website “Pleasure and Sensation

  7. Ujwal says:

    I can’t thank you enough for your work sir. Its really helpful to me. I’m the same kid who sent you a mail a few months back :)

  8. Raymond says:

    Just found your website and blog Michael. What a terrific thing and resource to have! Thank you very much for making this available. Not sure if my non-website above will post. I’m just on http://www.facebook.com/TRE.Ireland

  9. mjsamsel says:


    Sorry for the delay in replying your comment got tagged as spam by the automated filter.

    You might check out Majid Ali MD about insulin toxicity, it is prediabetes with perhaps ‘normal blood sugar’ Insulin toxicity goes along with adrenal fatigue. Exhaustion is normal, can be ion a cellular level and take years to work out. Overall you are likely to be feeling your body more and noticing the effects your brain ignored previously. You might also want to check the work of Diana Schwarzbein MD

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